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We set everything up for your company to receive phone calls from new customers that are searching online for your service.  We can build from scratch or if you give us a call we may already have phone calls coming in for your type of service.  Of course, we do all the other internet marketing like Internet Marketing, Websites, & branding.  However, our main focus is always to help our customers business grow with new customers.

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Take Over Network

Target Your Cities & More

We create a network of sites that will cover your whole city and then some!  Our Takeover Network is the ultimate in getting your company Phone Calls!!


Get more customer inquiries

Our Local SEO expertise will put your company in front of more potential customers that will result in more new customer phone calls on a monthly basis.

Google My Business

more phone calls for your company

We will get your business in the 3 pack for your local Business.  This will increase your phone calls immensely.  Click the button below to find out more

We are a Fort Lauderdale based company

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Websites build

Take Over Network For Your Company

Maximize New Phone Calls For Your Local Business Today!

We create a number of sites that target anywhere you want new customers.  Are you in a city where you have a  lot of smaller cities that border or make up your main city?  Finding it hard to get calls from those areas?  Or Are you ready to expand your business and target another neighboring city?    We have created a solution for you.

Our Take Over Network 

Our Take Over Network is designed to maximize phone calls from any targeted area you want new customers.  Just give us the area and we will get you the phone calls.  If you have been looking for a solution that will maximize new customer inquiries give us a call so we can discuss your options.

Example of targeted areas for a Take Over Network :
Target Areas: Main City & Supporting Cities
Main City: Fort Lauderdale
Supporting Cities:

  • Plantation
  • Sunrise
  • Oakland Park
  • Coral Springs
  • Margate
  • Pompano Beach
  • Parkland



Your Local SEO Experts

Local SEO Equals More Customer Inquiries!

Local SEO is something that is needed for every business to get noticed by potential customers that are searching on Google for the products and services you provide.  The most important thing sis that appear for the most popular keyword phrases on bother the desktop searches and more importantly Mobile searches.

Mobile searches now make up 65% or more of the local searches every day!  That’s why it’s so important to show up in mobile as well as desktop.  There are a lot of businesses that may rank in local search on desktop but do not rank in mobile.  There are a lot of reasons for this, just know that we have you covered when it comes to local search!

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Google My Business (GMB)

Getting you into the 3-pack will make your phone ring!

Everything has gone mobile, and if you aren’t highly placed on Google Maps, you are losing massive amounts of business and cold hard cash-to your competitors-every single day.

60-70% of all searches occur on a mobile phone or mobile device and that’s the first place your potential client looks is your Google Maps listing.

In fact Google purposely lists Maps on top of organic listings, so organic listings now have less value than they once had.

Let’s Face It, High Maps Placement And Visibility Has Never Been More Important To The Growth Of Your Practice. .

It’s estimated that if you are in the top 3 positions on Maps for the major keyword terms searched by your potential client, you stand to take down 50% or more of the traffic for that keyword.

We are the GMB experts for your company!

Give us a call to discuss your GMB options so that you can benefit from being in the 3-pack or click the button below to get a free quote and someone will call you back.

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